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We sell the Harmonic Wand(Patent Pending) and the Harmonic Chair - Harmonic Vibrational products for your well-being.

The Harmonic Wand

This product allows application of soothing harmonic vibrational therapy at any angle, even upside down! 

It can also amplify and transmit vibrational therapy through the end of the handle with direct contact with the end of the handle to the human body. 

The handle is bade of beautifully hand made Honey Locust wood with a Tigers Eye crystal at the end.

You owe it to yourself to experience this ground breaking device! 

USPTO patent pending.

The Harmonic Chair

This product serves multiple purposes. First it is a functional chair that can be used in most any room in the house. Second it is beautiful piece of art, sculpted out of a solid slab of wood only from local trees that were brought down by storms and recycled. Third, but not least, it functions a vibrational therapy device with either Tibetan Bowls attached or a set of piano strings in the back. You won't believe this until you experience this wonderful feeling in person! 

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